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Termite Pest Control Services in Canberra

A termite colony can be a home owner’s worst nightmare – eating structural timbers at an alarming rate. In Canberra, termites are active throughout the year, but more so in the warmer months. A mature colony of subterranean termites can number 60,000+ and cause serious damage within months. ACT Pest Control provides a range of effective termite control and termite inspection services in Canberra.

What are termites?

Termites are social insects that evolved from cockroaches over 150 million years ago. Canberra has around 30 termite species, but two of them – Coptotermes frenchi and Nasutitermes exitiosus – do most of the damage to houses and buildings. Three other species – Coptotermes acinaciformis, Heterotermes ferox and Porotermes adamsoni – can cause problems from time to time.

Termites Pest Control Services Canberra


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How much damage can termites do?

Given their love of eating cellulose (found in wood), termites can do terrible damage to a house or building. Over time, an unchecked termite colony can eat and tunnel its way through wooden foundations, house frames, roof trusses, floorboards and walls. That’s why it’s important to organise an annual termite inspection in Canberra.

What are the tell-tale signs of a termite infestation?

Termites are cunning creatures that wreak havoc from within. They like to eat and tunnel their way through wood without being disturbed. Termite control in Canberra is possible through ongoing vigilance and annual inspections. Some tell-tale signs of a possible termite infestation are outlined below.

  • A pile of discarded wings – being social creatures, termites will usually shed their wings in a group.
  • Mud tubes – in order to maintain a humid environment and protect themselves from predators, subterranean termites create pencil-sized tubes to travel through. These tubes – made from soil, wood, saliva and termite droppings – are sometimes visible on external surfaces.
  • Tiny holes or dimple patterns on woodwork – termites eat wood from within, but usually stop just before they reach the surface.
  • The sound of hollow timber – if a piece of timber in your home sounds hollow (after tapping it), you should organise a termite inspection in Canberra.
  • A rustling or rattling sound in the walls – termites on the move create a rustling sound; they also produce a rattling sound (to warn one another) if disturbed or agitated.
  • Squeaky floorboards and hard-to-open timber windows or doors – should always be checked to rule out termites.
  • Soft, flaky or crumbling timber – should always be checked to rule out termites. Any wood rot should be fixed immediately, as it attracts termites.
  • Excessive cracks in paintwork – should always be checked to rule out termites.

Where are termites found?

As lovers of humidity, termites are generally found in moist, warm environments, such as basements, sub-floors, walls, timber frames and roof trusses. Termites are especially attracted to rotting timber, dead leaves, water leaks and stacked firewood or timber. In Canberra, many termite colonies situate their central nest in the root crown of a nearby eucalyptus tree. If you see or suspect termites, it’s important to organise a professional termite inspection (Canberra) straight away.

How are termites eradicated?

Pest controllers normally use a termiticide (in either bait or liquid form) to eradicate termites. To undertake termite control work in Canberra, a pest controller must obtain an Environmental Authorisation from the Environment Protection Authority (EPA). Only pest controllers with the proper training can be issued with an Environmental Authorisation.  ACT Pest Control is authorised by the EPA to perform termite control work in Canberra.

How long does it take to get rid of termites?

The length of a treatment depends on the severity of the termite infestation. Follow-up visits are usually required to monitor the situation and refill baits (if used). Put simply, effective termite control in Canberra requires patience, persistence and knowledge.

How often is a termite inspection required in Canberra?

To protect your house or building, it’s imperative to carry out a termite inspection every year in Canberra.

What should I do if I discover or suspect termites?

If you discover or suspect termites, it’s important not to disturb them. Instead, call an authorised pest controller and schedule a termite inspection (Canberra). As a renowned termite specialist, ACT Pest Control is qualified to perform professional termite inspections in Canberra – we comply with Australian Standard 3660 and the Guidelines for Termite Control in the ACT.


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