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Sydney Funnel-Web Spider

Sydney Funnel-Web Spider (Atrax Robustus)


  • A fairly large spider, with a body length of 1 – 5cm.
  • Dark coloured body and legs – usually glossy black, blue-black, brown or even plum. An almost hairless carapace covers the

Life Cycle

  • Following impregnation, the female constructs an egg sac (which holds around 100 eggs) in her burrow.
  • Males take four years to mature; females take five years. Males usually die after mating.


  • Funnel-webs prefer cool, moist environments, such as burrows and holes in logs / tree trunks.
  • Funnel-webs usually surround their burrows / homes with silk trip-lines, which alert them to prey.
  • The male funnel-web is considered the more dangerous and aggressive, and wanders about in the warmer months looking for female mating partners.
  • Funnel-web venom can kill a human. An anti-venom is available, but needs to be administered quickly.


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