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American Cockroaches

American Cockroaches (Periplaneta Americana)


  • 35–40mm long.
  • Shining red–brown in colour.
  • Wings longer than the body in male; only just overlap abdomen in female.
  • Run in general (may fly at very high temperatures).

Life Cycle

  • The ootheca (egg case) – containing up to 16 eggs – is carried by the female for several days before being deposited. Oothecae tend to be grouped and are sometimes cemented down.
  • Hatch in 1–2 months.
  • Nymphs usually develop in 6-12 months, but development can take up to 15 months.


  • Also known as the ‘Palmetto bug’ because they live on trees, the American cockroach prefers dark, humid and undisturbed areas, and can be found in sub-floors, basements, kitchens, roof voids and bathrooms of homes.


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