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Argentine Ant

Argentine Ant

Argentine Ant (Linepithema Humile)


  • Workers about 2mm long.
  • Light to dark brown in colour.
  • Do not swarm.
  • Bite – do not sting.

Life Cycle

  • Worker ants produced in spring, and increase in number up until autumn.
  • Winged ants (reproductive Kings and Queens) produced in early spring (before the workers); mature within three months and mate soon afterwards.
  • Argentine ants mate in their nest – so no swarming is seen.


  • Worker ants will follow food trails for long distances – meaning nests aren’t easy to track.
  • They prefer sweet foods, but will also eat live and dead insects, meats, cereals and damaged fruit.
  • Argentine ants drive out other ant species from an area.


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