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Termite inspection in Canberra


Termite inspection in Canberra

Need to organise a termite inspection in Canberra? Wondering if you’re allowed to use a pest control service during the COVID-19 pandemic? At the time of writing, you’re still able to organise a termite inspection / treatment in Canberra. In this blog, we examine the threat that termites pose to your home or commercial premises in Canberra.

Important Note

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The Importance of a regular termite inspection in Canberra

The importance of a regular termite inspection in Canberra can’t be overstated. As the “Bush Capital,” Canberra is home to many eucalyptus trees and shrubs, which are attractive to termite colonies (nests are often found in the root crowns of eucalypts). Given the damage that termites cause, regular termite inspections in Canberra are essential.

Habits and habitat of the pesky termite

Termites are eusocial insects that operate in large groups (some colonies can number 2 million) and breed all year round. Termites need moisture and enjoy eating the organic compound cellulose, which is found in wood and plant fibres. Due to their love of humidity, you’ll usually find termites in roofs, basements, sub-floors and walls. There are over 30 termite species in Canberra, but two of them – Coptotermes frenchi and Nasutitermes exitiosus – cause the most problems.

Signs of a termite infestation

Although many people are loath to invest in termite control, you need to move quickly if you notice any of the following signs.

  • Tiny holes or dimples on your walls or woodwork.
  • Hollow, crunchy or flaky timber (may have been eaten out by termites).
  • Squeaky or crunchy-sounding floorboards.
  • A pile of discarded insect wings (termites shed their wings in a group; an individual termite sheds four identically-sized wings).
  • Excessive cracking in paintwork.
  • Mud tubes on surfaces (usually found connecting cracks and access points).
  • Light rustling or rattling sounds coming from behind your walls.

A timely termite inspection (no Canberra suburb is exempt from termites) can potentially save you a fortune in costly house repairs.

Tips for avoiding termites

Unfortunately, termites are part of nature and a fact of life. However, some basic precautions can be taken to minimise the chances of a termite infestation.

  • Organise a regular termite inspection (given Canberra’s abundance of eucalypts).
  • Fix or replace rotting wood around your home or commercial premises.
  • Repair dripping taps, broken drainage pipes and leaks.
  • Don’t stack firewood against your home, or store timber under it.
  • Make sure the wooden sleepers in your garden are termite-resistant.
  • Ensure your basement and sub-floor is well-ventilated.
  • Don’t plant trees, particularly eucalypts, close to your home or commercial premises.


Don’t let termites destroy the structural integrity of your home or commercial premises. ACT Pest Control is licensed to perform termite inspections in Canberra, as well as provide approved termite treatments. For more information on termite pest control in Canberra, please call ACT Pest Control on 1300 022 122.