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Black House Spider

Black House Spider (Badumna Insignis)


  • This species is a robust spider, with a body length of 1-1.5cm.
  • Carapace and legs are dark brown to black, and the abdomen is charcoal grey. The dorsal pattern of white marking is sometimes indistinct.

Life Cycle

  • The female constructs several white silk egg sacs, which are secured within the web retreat. The female stays with the eggs until they hatch. The spiderlings then disperse.
  • The spiders mature during the summertime and live for about two years.


  • Black house spiders create untidy-looking webs (lacy sheets with funnel-like entrances). They are found on tree trunks, logs, rock walls and buildings (also in window frames and crevices).
  • Also commonly found in urban areas, Black House Spiders build webs in dark corners of windows, verandas, sheds and fences.
  • The female spider never leaves her web, unless forced to, but keeps on repairing it – old webs can look grey and woolly from the constant additions of silk.
  • Poisonous, but no fatalities.


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