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White-Tailed Spider

White-Tailed Spider (Lampona Cylindrata)


  • They are generally dark red or grey, with dark orange-banded legs.
  • Younger spiders can have two pairs of faint white spots on their back, with a white spot at the tip.
  • Males can grow up to 12mm and females up to 18mm.

Life Cycle

  • White-tailed spiders lay eggs in a disc-shaped egg sac, containing up to 90 eggs.
  • They lay these sacs in dark and sheltered places, where the females guard the eggs until they hatch.


  • Commonly found underneath bark, rocks, leaf litter and logs in the bush and around the home and garden.
  • They eat other spiders, including daddy-long-legs, redbacks and black house spiders, and as such, are mostly active at night when their prey is out hunting.
  • They move indoors during summer and autumn, where they look for shelter in nooks and crannies, searching for prey.


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