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Huntsman Spider

Huntsman Spider (Sparassoidea)


  • Come in a variety of colours and patterns, but are mostly brown, black and grey (there are over 100 species of Huntsman spiders in Australia). Some species are very large, reaching over 160mm in leg span.
  • The two back pairs of legs are shorter than the ones at the front, and the legs fan out sideways enabling them to walk forwards and sideways (often giving them a crab-like appearance).

Life Cycle

  • The female Huntsman produces a flat, oval egg sac of white papery silk, and lays up to 200 eggs. She then places the sac under bark or a rock, then stands guard over it (without eating) for about three weeks.
  • At the appropriate time, the mother spider opens the egg sac to help the spiderlings out. She may stay with the spiderlings for several weeks.
  • The lifespan of most Huntsman species is about two years or more.


  • Huntsman spiders occur Australia-wide and are usually found on tree trunks, under bark, beneath stones or on the walls of houses. Some species are extremely compressed and live between the hairline cracks of sandstone and granite outcrops.
  • The Huntsman eats a variety of insects, arthropods, small lizards and frogs. The prey is not captured in a web, but actively stalked and run-down with stealth and speed.
  • Poisonous to humans, but not fatal.


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