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Pest Control Services for Cockroaches in Canberra

The cockroach is a fast-moving, nocturnal scavenger that most Canberrans are well-acquainted with. There are over four-hundred cockroach species in Australia, but only four species come to the regular attention of pest controllers in Canberra: Australian, American, German and Oriental cockroaches. ACT Pest Control’s tailored pest control services eradicate Canberra cockroaches quick smart.

Where am I likely to find cockroaches in my home?

Cockroaches love warm, dark and moist environments. Kitchens are a favourite hangout, along with bathrooms and wall cavities. It’s not unusual for cockroaches to be found behind the kitchen sink or lurking near a garbage bin.


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Do cockroaches spread diseases?

Cockroaches are known to carry bacteria, such as staphylococcus, streptococcus and salmonella. They can also carry the polio virus, and have been known to trigger asthma attacks in some people. As cockroaches have a tendency to defecate and vomit on food they find, it’s imperative to secure food sources in the kitchen.

What are the signs of a cockroach infestation?

An intrusion of cockroaches will leave behind a number of tell-tale signs:-

  • Faecal Droppings – they resemble coffee granules, and are black in colour.
  • Foul smell – a cockroach infestation smells unpleasant (much like rotting garbage).
  • Egg capsules – cockroach eggs are incubated in an ootheca (organic capsule), which is usually brown in colour and measures 5-8mm in length.
  • Discarded skin (exuviae) – cockroach nymphs shed their skins multiple times before reaching maturity.
  • Chew marks on food in kitchen – always dispose of spoiled food items immediately.
  • Smear marks – cockroaches can leave brown / black smear marks when they encounter water. You’re likely to find evidence of smear marks in vanity units and kitchen sink cupboards.
  • Daylight sightings – as nocturnal insects, cockroaches prefer to operate when you’re asleep. A large number of daylight sightings can indicate a serious infestation.

What attracts cockroaches to a home?

Like most insects, cockroaches look for food, water and shelter in your home. Cockroaches are notoriously unfussy when it comes to eating (even faecal matter in toilet bowls is acceptable). Cleaning up your kitchen after every meal is imperative when it comes to cockroach pest control in Canberra.

When do cockroaches breed?

Cockroaches breed all year round, but more so in warmer weather. A female cockroach usually lays around 40 eggs at a time (3-4 times per year). If you have more than one female breeding in your home, it doesn’t take long for an infestation to occur.

How are cockroaches eradicated?

A pesticide (usually in gel bait form) is used to kill cockroaches. German cockroaches require their own specific treatment.


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