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Garden Orb-Weaving Spider

Garden Orb-Weaving Spider (Eriophora sp.)


  • A stocky triangular body that’s grey or reddish-brown in colour. There’s usually a leaf pattern on the back. Sometimes they have a white dorsal stripe.
  • Body length is 1.5 – 3cm. Females are slightly larger than males.

Life Cycle

  • The impregnated female constructs a cocoon (to hold the eggs) on a tree leaf, and then departs the scene. When the spiderlings hatch, they disperse via silk “ropes” onto other trees and shrubs.
  • Garden orb-weaving spiders only have a lifespan of 12 months.


  • Webs are usually constructed in the evening, and taken down at dawn.
  • Garden orb-weaving spiders construct a sticky, wheel-shaped web between trees and shrubs to catch prey (bugs, beetles and flies). The spider perches itself in the middle of the web.
  • During the day, they usually hide on foliage.
  • Not considered a threat to humans.


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