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Ants – Pest Control Services in Canberra

Ants are a familiar sight in many Canberra homes, especially between October and March. There are over 1,200 ant species in Australia, but only a handful of them cause major problems in Canberra: the black house ant, white-footed house ant and Argentine ant. As a leading provider of pest control services in Canberra, ACT Pest Control can help you eradicate ants quickly and safely.

Which ant species reside in Canberra?

Canberra is home to black house ants, white-footed house ants, Argentine ants, meat ants, sugar ants and bull ants. From time to time, pharaoh ants, coastal brown ants, odorous house ants and Singapore ants turn up in Canberra.


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Are ants harmful to humans?

Ants can carry bacteria, such as streptococcus, e. coli, shigella, staphylococcus and salmonella. In addition, ants can bite or sting if provoked.

What are the signs of an ant infestation?

Ants in large numbers are fairly easy to spot. The best time to spot ants is during the twilight hours (sunrise / sunset). Keep an eye out for the following:-

  • Army on the march – ants are highly social insects that live in hierarchical colonies. If you have an infestation, you’re likely to see an army of ants on the march in your kitchen or bathroom. The ants will be following a pheromone trail, which has been created by ant “scouts.”
  • Ants in food – if you find ants helping themselves to food in your kitchen, throw it out immediately.
  • Ants in pet food placed inside or outside the home.
  • Ant nest – an ant nest is usually characterised by a mound of dirt or soil at its entrance. An ant nest can be in the ground, under rocks or in a wall cavity.
  • Rustling sounds from a wall or floor – an ant colony sounds like rustling leaves on a windy day. The rustling sound gets louder when the colony is disturbed or feels threatened.

What attracts ants to a home?

Ants look for food and water in your home. As a general rule, ants love sugary and fatty foods. That’s why it’s important to wipe down kitchen benches and sweep up sugar spills.

How large is an ant colony?

A colony can range in size from tens of ants to over a million ants. Large colonies usually have several queen ants.

When do ants breed?

Ants generally start breeding in the spring and continue throughout the summer.

How are ants eradicated?

Insecticides (in spray, bait and dust form) are used to eradicate ants. Most ant species require a specific insecticide.


If you suspect an ant infestation, please call the friendly team at ACT Pest Control on 1300 022 122 to discuss the situation further. Our pest control services in Canberra are second to none.



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