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Yellow Jacket

Yellow Jacket (Vespula Spp)


  • Worker – 1/2 inch long.
  • Queen – 3/4 inch long.
  • Alternating black and yellow bands.
  • Two sets of wings.
  • Narrow waist.
  • Lance-like stinger.

Life Cycle

  • Annual colonies.
  • Queen begins to nest in spring.
  • Aggressive numbers in late summer.
  • Colonies begin to decline by autumn.
  • Only inseminated Queens nest over winter.


  • Feeding – at certain times of the year, they feed on insects, including caterpillars and harmful flies. As the colony increases in size, they’re attracted to food consumed by humans.
  • Sting – sting repeatedly when provoked, with symptoms ranging from swelling to life-threatening allergic shock.
  • Visibility – visible during the day, as they don’t see well at night.
  • Nesting – in trees/shrubs, or internally in attics, hollow walls, flooring, sheds and under porches/eaves of buildings.


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