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Pest Control Tips for an Enjoyable Canberra Summer


Pest Control Tips for an Enjoyable Canberra Summer

Are the creepy crawlies starting to appear in your home? With the weather warming up, now’s the time to evaluate your pest control needs in Canberra. In this blog, we examine some local insect pests that have the potential to disrupt your summer enjoyment in Canberra.


The infamous cockroach is a resilient creature that prefers warm, moist and dark environments, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Cockroaches breed all year round, but reproduce faster in warm weather. As nocturnal insects, cockroaches prefer to move about and feed at night (they love kitchens and often leave behind faeces). ACT Pest Control’s 7-in-1 pest control treatment kills Canberra cockroaches fast.


Canberra is home to many spiders, including the redback, huntsman, wolf spider, black house spider and white-tailed spider. In Canberra, spiders generally breed in spring and hang around until the start of winter. Spiders can be problematic, especially where young children are concerned. As experienced pest control specialists (Canberra), we don’t muck around when it comes to spiders, especially redbacks.

European Wasps

In summer, European wasps become the bane of many residents and pest controllers in Canberra. Unlike honey bees, European wasps sting repeatedly and don’t die after stinging someone. European wasps breed in summer and become hostile when their nests are disturbed. At ACT Pest Control, we take the time to locate and destroy wasp nests before they become an even bigger problem.


Ants are highly active in Canberra from October to March. The most common ant species found in Canberra homes are the black house ant, white-footed house ant and Argentine ant. Ants live and work in colonies, which have a tendency to target human food supplies. If you suspect an ant infestation (you’ll probably see a colony of ants on the march), feel free to call the friendly team at ACT Pest Control for a chat – we make pest control in Canberra easy.


In Canberra, fleas and warm weather usually go hand in hand. Canberra is home to several flea species that cause problems: the cat flea, dog flea and human flea. All three species feed on mammal blood (usually cat or dog blood) and lay eggs on their “host.” If your cat or dog has contracted fleas, it’s likely that fleas and their eggs are in your home as well (carpets, rugs and bedding are common hiding spots). ACT Pest Control uses a highly-effective pest control treatment to eradicate Canberra fleas.

A Canberra summer should be enjoyed with family and friends – not with pesky insects. As a leading pest control company in Canberra, ACT Pest Control strives to make summer more enjoyable and less irritating for Canberrans. For further information and effective pest control in Canberra, please call ACT Pest Control on 1300 022 122.