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ACT Pest Control is the Exterminator to Call When You Need a Flea Inspection in Canberra

ACT Pest Control is the solution for permanent flea control in Canberra.

Fleas are small, flat-bodied insects which feed on the blood of humans and their pets. Although fleas in Australia don’t carry diseases which are communicable to humans, their bites can itch and become infected. On the other hand, flea bites are potentially dangerous to your pets; fleas cause skin allergies and infections, and they transfer parasites and diseases from one animal to the next.

Flea control in Canberra is a challenge because fleas can survive in egg-form for extended periods. A female flea deposits hundreds of eggs in carpets, pet bedding, floor cracks, and even soil over her lifetime. If circumstances are not ideal due to the weather or lack of a food source, the eggs can remain dormant for a year or longer before they hatch and cause a new flea infestation.

Benefits of Hiring ACT Pest Control for a Flea Inspection in Canberra

If you’ve noticed fleas in your home, it’s easy to know that you need to call a pest exterminator but what happens when you move into a new home? If the property was unoccupied, it is possible that dormant flea eggs are waiting to hatch as soon as you and your pets move in. It makes sense to ask for a flea inspection in Canberra because:

  • ACT Pest Control’s technicians can identify the risk of a flea infestation.
  • Should pest extermination be necessary, we will use low-toxicity pesticides which are not harmful to pets, children, or pregnant women.
  • Professional flea extermination permanently eliminates fleas in one treatment, making it the most cost-effective and convenient way to solve the problem.

Hire a Flea Exterminator in Canberra to Permanently Solve Your Flea Problem

Trying over the counter remedies and treating your pets for fleas might temporarily ease the problem, but unless you have your home treated by a flea exterminator in Canberra, you will probably face repeated outbreaks. When ACT Pest Control treats the rooms of your house, we guarantee that the fleas will be gone for good. Here are the steps for flea extermination:

  • Before treatment, we recommend that you wash your pet’s bedding and vacuum carpets thoroughly.
  • On the day the pest control technicians arrive, you and your pets will need to leave the house for a few hours.
  • ACT Pest Control will do a thorough inspection of the premises to find problem areas, then apply a low-toxicity insecticide.
  • We recommend taking your pet to the vet for flea decontamination, and that you vacuum carpets and wash bedding again a few days after the treatment to remove any flea residue.

ACT Pest Control’s methods are guaranteed effective for flea control in Canberra because it breaks the life cycle of fleas and causes them to disappear for good.

About ACT Pest Control

We are a locally owned and operated pest control company servicing Canberra and the proximate New South Wales areas. Our staff is trained to administer the latest and most effective methods to control pest infestations safely. At ACT Pest Control, we pride ourselves on giving our customers peace of mind and personalised service.

If you’ve noticed fleas in your home, remember that for every flea you can see, hundreds of dormant eggs and larvae are waiting to hatch and pose a health threat to you and your pets. Contact ACT Pest Control for safe flea control in Canberra; we will inspect your property and offer a free, no-obligation quote. Call us today on 1300 022 122 to get rid of fleas permanently.