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Termites are a very serious pest in Australia, causing damage that costs hundreds of millions of dollars to repair each year. Termites damage to your home is very unlikely to be covered by insurance.

Although Termites play a vital role in nature by recycling dead and decaying wood, unfortunately they can’t tell the difference between dead trees and the structural timber in your home. Worker termites tunnel 50 meters or more from the nest in search of food. If they come across your home’s foundations while they are foraging they will follow any cracks or crevices to get at the structural timbers or floorboards.

ACT Pest Control can help you protect your most valuable asset. We are highly experienced in helping you decide the best method of termites elimination for your home. We can use many different systems including Baiting, Dusting and Liquid Sprays.

What puts your home at risk?

Moisture! Moisture! Moisture!

Termites predominantly look for areas that have high moisture content in the soil and therefore have a high probability of finding moist timber. For example, timber stumps, poorly ventilated sub floors and wet areas are just a few of the common paths termites take to get into your house.

Termites Inspections

Regular inspections are the most important part of termites controlcan. While annual inspections do not stop a termites infestation they can help with the early detection of termites activity. Once termites are detected, remedial treatment can begin so damage to your property will be minimised or prevented ACT Pest Controlcan provide ongoing programs to minimise the risk.

ACT Pest Control annual inspection will allow early detection of termites and highlight potential problem areas in and around your home. Our licensed technicians will provide you with a full report to the Australian standards informing you of any conditions favorable to termites, maintenance tips plus the do’s and don’ts to help reduce the risk of future termites attack.

To minimise Termites damage to your property, contact us today to discuss our annual maintenance services.


Tips to reduce the risk of termites attack

  • Regular inspections, with a licensed Guardian Pest Control technician, of your home at least every 12 months.
  • Keep all sub-floor areas clean, dry and well ventilated where possible.
  • Repair leaking plumbing such as downpipes, gutters and taps.
  • Ensure that there is good drainage around the house.
  • Do NOT build up soil, mulch or garden beds against the house.
  • Do NOT store timber or wood-based materials such as cardboard under or against the house.