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Pest Control Services and COVID-19 in Canberra

COVID 19 Canberra Pest Control

Pest Control Services and COVID-19 in Canberra

Got a pest control problem that requires attention? Wondering if the COVID-19 crisis prevents you from using a pest control service in Canberra? At the time of writing, pest controllers are still able to visit homes and businesses in Canberra. In this blog, we examine the precautions that ACT Pest Control is taking to minimise the COVID-19 threat, as well as identify the pests requiring attention in autumn.

What precautions is ACT Pest Control taking to reduce the COVID-19 risk?

ACT Pest Control is following the recommendations of Safe Work Australia in relation to COVID-19 and in-house services. Our sole focus is on keeping customers and employees safe. When you engage with us, we’ll follow the procedures outlined below.

  • We’ll call you prior to the appointment to ensure that nobody in your home or business is showing COVID-19 symptoms. We’ll also assure you that our technician isn’t showing any COVID-19 symptoms either.
  • Our technician will wear a face mask, as well as disposable gloves and shoe covers.
  • We’ll keep any social pleasantries short to minimise contact time.
  • During the pest treatment, our technician will practice social distancing (1.5m) and minimise contact with any surfaces / objects in your home. (Please feel free to disinfect any surfaces that our technician may have to touch.)
  • We’ll remove any waste (eg. termite bait packaging) that we create.

In addition to following the above procedures, ACT Pest Control is also sanitising its equipment on a regular basis.

Rodents in the time of COVID-19

As discussed in our previous blog, rodents (rats and mice) are still actively breeding in Canberra. With the weather starting to cool, many rodents will be eyeing off homes and businesses for the winter ahead. The COVID-19 crisis, which has resulted in clubs and restaurants shutting down, is likely to see more rodents seeking food in the suburbs this winter.


The highly-destructive termite is active all year round in Canberra. If you suspect termites in your home, you need to move quickly to minimise any damage. From cracks in your paintwork to squeaky floorboards, the tell-tale signs of a termite infestation are many. To find out more about termites, please read our dedicated termite page.


The pesky cockroach is a resourceful creature that breeds throughout the year in Canberra. You’re likely to find cockroaches in kitchens and bathrooms, especially at night. The cockroach is a nocturnal insect that seeks out warm, moist and dark surroundings. If you’ve spotted cockroaches in your home or business, ACT Pest Control has a pest control solution that kills Canberra cockroaches fast.


The COVID-19 crisis has many people feeling worried or stressed. During this difficult time, ACT Pest Control is committed to making pest control in Canberra as easy and stress-free as possible. For further information on effective pest control in Canberra, please call ACT Pest Control on 1300 022 122.