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Hire Effective Pest and Termite Control in Gordon

Pest control in Gordon is about safety and comfort.

Everyone naturally feels some revulsion towards any pest, whether insect or vermin. That reaction of disgust is your body telling you to be alert to a real danger. Between structural damage and the possibility of disease, it’s important to take pest control in Gordon quite seriously.

The Benefits of ACT Pest Control for Gordon Residents

Proper pest control is more than just taking a few mouse traps and setting them around the house. ACT Pest Control uses advanced techniques to locate the problem and eliminate it at the source.

  • Thermal Imaging – Termite Control in Gordon involves peering through walls and getting information from parts of your house that otherwise would require knocking down walls.
  • Thermatrac® T3i – This is the cutting edge of thermal technology. It provides our technicians with real-time imaging that also depicts moisture levels and helps us to identify potential problem areas before they become homes for termites.
  • Prevention – After we’ve determined the cause and type of pest control that you need, we will help you address how to prevent future problems. In Gordon, pest control takes efforts from homeowners to ensure that the problem is eliminated, so rely on us to help you know the right practices.

What Problems Can Arise from Termites Without Pest Control in Gordon?

Termites can be a serious nuisance that reduces property value and can cause health problems.

  • Structural Damage – Termites feed on the lumber that keeps your house in good shape. In the wrong area, termite damage can lead to a weakened roof that is prone to leakage, or prompt contractors to come in and replace damaged joists to preserve your floor.
  • Long-term Infestations – Untreated with proper pest control, Gordon residents are in for an unfortunate and expensive surprise when it comes time to move. Termites can spread extensively and prove very difficult to eradicate unless caught early and dealt with efficiently.
  • Asthma and Allergies – Families with young children or anyone with allergies can find living in a termite-infested home quite frustrating. Asthma attacks and allergic reactions can both be triggered by termite residue and wood dust. This can be exacerbated by HVAC systems spreading the microscopic allergens.

Don’t let the problems fester. Instead, act promptly and keep your house and family safe from harm.

Get to Know ACT Pest Control

We have been serving Canberra and its surroundings. Our technicians are well-trained to provide effective and environmentally-friendly responses to your pest control needs. We provide an integrated pest management solution that solves the problem now and prevents future recurrences.

We’re a locally owned and operated business that primarily offers effective termite control, but can assist with rodents, bed bugs, bees, roaches, ants, and other pests.

Turn to us when you need a pest control solution tailored to your home. We only use chemicals that will deal with the problem but leave you, your kids, and your pets completely safe and healthy. Contact us to find out how we can solve your termite and other pest issues.