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End of Lease Treatment


We understand the annoyance cockroaches, fleas, ants and even termites can administer and here at ACT Pest Control, we provide state of the End of lease Termite treatment services that will astonish. Reliving areas from pests ensures a safe and sterile environment for you to leave your rental property in impeccable condition. Health is our priority. Our team is equipped with contemporary apparatus that will eliminate all threats and pests and exceed client expectations.

Alleviate the frustration and daunting experience of having to pay out of your pocket just for some termites! Here at ACT Pest Control we acquire a plethora of pest control methods, which offer the finest method for the removal of termites. We tailor our pricing and ensure that your end of lease termite treatment is at an equitable price.

Dive into the termite-free world with ACT Pest Control’s immaculate procedures. We provide reporting and detailed descriptions to clients on where and to what degree have the termites damaged your structures. Contact us today for your own personalised quote on our End of lease Termite treatment services.