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Corporate premises, commercial properties and offices are key locations for pests to intrude. ACT Pest Control administer exceptional pest control solutions, combined with low toxicity products that will alleviate these threats.

Commercial area advantages of using ACT Pest Control are:

  • Friendly and accurate termite control services.
  • Prompt service without delays in office areas.
  • Service warranties.
  • “In-and-out” service with minimal disturbance.
  • Chemical free and Eco-friendly treatment products.
  • Affordable rate for all commercial clients.
  • Hassle free pest control programs.
  • Healthy, clean environment that is free from pests.
  • Satisfaction guarantee.


The commercial treatments or the services provided by ACT Pest Control are optimal. A plethora of types of pest control methods are used by us and those offer the finest method for the removal. With impeccable client liaison and relationships, we appreciate all our commercial clients and administer a hassle-free pest control service that will last!