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Termite Inspection: Know The Process To Choose The Best Service Provider

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Termite inspection is commonly of two types:

  • * Pre-purchase inspection
  • * Routine inspection

Pre-purchase pest inspections

A termite infestation can cause damage that is very expensive and time consuming. Therefore, it is important to carry out a pre-purchase inspection to help determine the condition of a house before buying it. Presence of pest problems can be a powerful negotiating tool when purchasing a home.

You certainly do not want a home that will present you with nasty surprises such as a major termite infestation hiding in the subfloors after you have decided to purchase it and move in.

Routine Pest Inspections

In the long Canberra winter termites may go undetected causing major damage to your home in a short period of time. Resulting in costly termite treatment and in severe cases home renovation works can follow it. However, annual routine inspections will help you identify any termite problems before the termites can cause any expensive damage to your home or office.

A routine termite inspection will also provide a thorough evaluation of the risks pointing out any construction flaws, drainage or environmental pressures that may increase the chances of future termite infestation.

The Process of Termite Inspection

OUR Quality termite inspection across Canberra CONSIST OF A thorough inspection TO THE exterior and interior of your PROPERTY by a trained and experienced professional. The INSPECTOR will thoroughly inspect every -nook and cranny looking for signs of termites. And for clues of past termite activity as well as conditions that might increase the chances of future termite infestation. The inspector might even utilise specific tools such as thermal imaging cameras, moisture meters and motion detectors in probable areas to spot any traces of infestations.

A detailed and comprehensive pest infestation includes complete evaluation of the following:

    • * all rooms
    • * Sub floor
    • * Lawn structures such as garage and sheds
    • * Voids
    • * Fences
    • * Retaining walls
    • * Stumps

Depending on the size, structure and shape of your entire property including the land and lawn, a properly done termite inspection can take up to two hours. The reports that will be produced will contain detailed notes on the condition of each space and photographic images to help you understand the situation better.

Essential Termite Inspection Tools

Since termites are small pests that are very difficult to identify, it requires high-tech equipment to assess any pest activity that are located deeper within the structures of your home. Without a thorough detection, it is difficult to provide a proper termite treatment solution for your home and office across Canberra. Here are some of the most specialized tools that are essential for pest detection.

        • * Thermal imaging cameras: These are powerful detecting equipment that is very helpful in locating the presence of termite nests and activity all around the house
        • * Moisture meters: efficiently assesses the moisture level that is present within a wall surface: pests are comfortable in moist and humid conditions.
        • * Termatrac microwave radar detection units: is a tool that can be used to easily track active termites within the surface of your walls helping you determine the prime positions of their nests.
        • * Experienced and well-trained eyes: Despite all these tools, an expert and well-trained eye can easily detect signs of termite activities
        • * Understanding what is involved within a termite inspection process will make it easier for you to choose a good professional pest control service at the right price. Since, termites can severely damage your property and leave you with an expensive treatment and repairing cost if left undetected for a certain period of time.

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